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Wall Decoration Collections

View all collections of wall decorations and wall circles here

View all exclusive HIP ORGNL® wall decorations from the Masters collection , the Animals collection , the Naturals collection , the Fine Art collection , the Beau Monde collection , the Plantology collection and the Garden Dreams collection . With the HIP ORGNL® collections you always have a characteristic image in your home. All designs have a unique signature and visual design. They are available in various sizes and trendy colors! Choose your favorite or mix & match different wall decorations.

HIP ORGNL® Flora collection

Are you looking for an exclusive flower painting for your interior? Discover the extraordinary HIP ORGNL® Flora collection, featuring stunning bouquets, individual flowers, and dried flowers. All designs of the wall circles and wall decorations in this collection are completely unique and exclusively available at HIP ORGNL®. You won't find them anywhere else! Moreover, each piece is made of premium material with a luxurious matte finish. This is also commonly used in galleries, enhancing the colors to appear extra vivid and sharp. Choose different sizes or combine them together. Order an original piece from HIP ORGNL® here!

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HIP ORGNL® Fine Art collection

Add a touch of artistic flair to your interior with the wall art from the HIP ORGNL® Fine Art collection. Choose from a stylish selection of line art or modern artworks, inspired by Matisse or Picasso. Discover stylistically drawn faces and graceful silhouettes with abstract shapes and lines. Each piece is made from premium materials and features an unique design or visual style. Create a collage with several round pieces or opt for one large rectangular piece that is really eye-catching. HIP ORGNL® wall art is exceptionally beautiful. They are more beautiful than many others. Order an original piece here!

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HIP ORGNL® Masters collection

Delight in the amazing skills of the Old Masters in the HIP ORGNL® Masters collectie and create a unique atmosphere in your interior. At HIP ORGNL® you can choose from a selection of the greatest masterpieces by Dutch and other Old Masters as wall circle or rectangular wall art. Every piece is a stylish choice. The superior premium materials we use to make our wall art guarantee faithful color reproduction so you’ll have a real showpiece on your wall!

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HIP ORGNL® Naturals collection

Discover the magical beauty and secret patterns of Mother Nature with the wall art in the HIP ORGNL® Naturals collection. Bring nature into your interior with a captivating image starring organic shapes and natural materials, from minerals and sea shells to wood grain and marble. HIP ORGNL® is the ultimate brand in luxury round and rectangular wall art. Each piece is made with high-quality materials and has a unique visual style. You won’t see wall art like this anywhere else!

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HIP ORGNL® Artistic Maps collection

Take a trip around the world with our wall decorations featuring maps of cities, countries, famous places and more. The HIP ORGNL® Artistic Maps collection has completely unique designs, in sketch style, with the lines of the maps defined in a special way. This really makes them come to life on your wall. This collection is exclusive to HIP ORGNL® . You won't find them anywhere else! Our wall decorations and wall circles with maps are also made of premium material with a matte (luxury) finish. This material is also used in galleries. The image appears extra clear and beautiful. Choose a desired format or create a collage. Order an original copy of HIP ORGNL® now!

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HIP ORGNL® Animals collection

Bring the wonders of wildlife into your interior with our animal wall art! Thanks to the HIP ORGNL® Animals collection you can gaze at a beautiful wild creature, such as a lion, zebra or Scottish Highland cow, on your own wall. All of our wall art is made with premium, luxury materials that are strong and durable. HIP ORGNL® is the leading brand in high-quality wall circles and wall art. Each piece can be ordered in a range of sizes, from small to extra-large. Pick your favorite(s) or create a striking collage by combining them with beautiful pieces from our other collections!

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HIP ORGNL® Plantology collection

Check out the spectacular jungle wall art in the unique HIP ORGNL® Plantology collection. Let’s be honest: who doesn’t love plants? All of the designs are absolutely unique and have a distinct graphic style. Each piece is made of premium luxury materials that are strong and durable. All of our plant wall art has a gorgeous matte finish and can be ordered in a range of sizes and trendy colors. Pick your favorite, mix and match several plant designs or create a striking collage by combining them with beautiful pieces from our other collections!

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