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We're going to talk about the Scottish Highlander!

A hairy cow, Highlander cow, Scottish highlander or some kind of bull? They are extremely popular in Dutch interior design. You see them everywhere in the latest living trends. We therefore want to know more about this trend and the cow that has won the hearts of Dutch interior enthusiasts. This way you immediately know who you have or are bringing into your home. In short, we are going to talk about the Scottish Highlander!

The Scottish Highlander as a style icon

It comes as no surprise that the Scottish Highlander has aroused our interest, because we see it so often in interior trends. Especially on wall decorations, such as paintings or wall circles. But also as an image in decorative cushions or duvets. In recent years, many Dutch people have embraced this lush and hairy cow, in black and white or in color. The highlander has not yet lost its luster. He remains a sought-after eye-catcher and a style icon in the Netherlands.


Ø 140 cm

Our love for the Highlander cow

Why are we so attracted to the highlander? We don't have to think about that for long, because that is mainly due to its appearance. The highlander looks powerful , strong and wild, but at the same time also has a friendly appearance. A unique combination! In addition, they also fit into the landscape of the Netherlands. When they are grazing with their striking horns and long hair in the wind, you immediately get a feeling of freedom. You want to bring that feeling into your home!

This is what you didn't know about this hairy cow

A Scottish Highlander, as the name suggests, originally comes from Scotland. This is also where the English name Highlander cow comes from. They belong to the cattle breed and you can spot them in the colors red-brown, white, black and blond . The cow's horns are spread out, pointing upwards, but the bull's horns are more forward and horizontal. In the 18 years that the Scottish Highlander lives on average, the cow gives birth to an average of 15 calves. The bulls can also weigh more than 800 kilos. They eat plants that other animals prefer not to eat. They also have a calm character and require little care. That's nice to know!

In which interior styles do you encounter the highlander?

The Highlander cow can be found in almost any living style, such as modern, classic, bohemian or Scandinavian . But the real leader in this is the combination of rural and industrial. This living style fits seamlessly with the strength and sturdy appearance of the Scottish highlander, but also matches well with its soft, authentic and rural character. If you are a great fan of the rural and industrial living style, then the Scottish Highlander is almost indispensable!

Bring your highlander home

Have you now also fallen in love with the Scottish Highlander? Bring it into your home immediately with a beautiful wall decoration , wall circle , garden poster or decorative cushion from HIP ORGNL® . We have the Highlander in attractive designs. This way you won't find him anywhere else. What are you waiting for? Bring your highlander home !