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Give your kitchen atmosphere and a stylish appearance

Tasteful wall decoration for the kitchen and styling ideas

Do you need inspiration for a makeover of your kitchen with wall decoration and accessories?

Here you can read how to create atmosphere in your interior with beautiful wall circles, fantastic works of art and stylish home accessories. Dare to experiment with the tips below. This way your kitchen will soon be a feast for the eyes!

Make your choice from the beautiful HIP ORGNL® collections

At HIP ORGNL® you will find beautiful wall decoration for your kitchen. Each collection consists of a great selection. This also means you immediately opt for high quality. The wall decorations all have a unique design or graphic design. You won't find them like this anywhere else! All works are made of premium material. For example, enjoy your breakfast with a view of a Scottish highlander or elephant from the HIP ORGNL® Animals collection . Or cook a delicious meal while enjoying graceful silhouettes or abstract coral from the HIP ORGNL® Fine Art collection .

Certain works are popular for the kitchen. The use of color, character and theme contribute to this. Some paintings fit better in the living room or bedroom. But of course this is not fixed and in fact anything is possible. So be sure to go for a design that you are enthusiastic about . Do you need some inspiration? Then view our top pieces of wall decoration for the kitchen above!

Go for multiple works or one large design

Depending on how your kitchen is decorated, you can go in many directions
with wall decoration on your kitchen wall. Don't have high kitchen cabinets? Then there is often enough space above the countertop for a large eye-catcher . The same applies to the wall above the dining table. Multiple small paintings also work well. For example, make a stylish collage of the Milkmaid, a still life with flowers and a typical Dutch windmill. They don't all have to be the same: a combination of different sizes and round and rectangular makes it surprising!

Kitchen inspiration for different living styles

The kitchen is one of the most important places in your home. You cook, chat, work and eat there. And you enjoy a well-deserved break with your favorite coffee. How you style your kitchen also influences your mood. The wall decorations, accessories, colors and furniture all contribute to this. If you have an open kitchen, you can keep the same style as the living room. With a closed kitchen it is also nice to go in a different direction, such as cool or romantic. Is there a particular design or photo that makes you happy? Use it as kitchen inspiration and further define your style by creating a mood board . For example, think of modern, industrial or minimalist. Look around Pinterest, browse through magazines and get ideas from our inspiration for living styles. This way you have a good guideline for the interior of your kitchen.

Select your wall decorations and home accessories

Then it's time to shop for accessories and wall decorations for your kitchen. You determine the recipe for your perfect kitchen yourself. For example, let the color tones of your kitchen cabinets or countertop be reflected in a work of art or choose a painting with a surprising color contrast. The accessories are very suitable for creating an accent color. Placemats, tea towels and napkins in a striking color make your kitchen attractive and cozy. For some extra cosiness you can place cheerful decorative cushions on the dining room chairs. Every time you see a beautiful item, keep your mood board next to it on your phone, so you know immediately whether it is a perfect match . This way you will gradually create the ultimate atmosphere!

Are you ready to go? Then immediately get kitchen inspiration from our webshop . Are you unable to determine the style and atmosphere of your interior? Let us know and we will help you further.

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