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Children's room

Easily create a stylish and playful children's room

Cozy wall decoration for the children's room and attractive styling with accessories

Is your little one ready for a new nursery with suitable wall decoration and accessories?

Here you can read how you can easily give the children's room a makeover with stylish wall circles and fun accessories. Below you will find inspiration and tips, so that your child will soon sleep and play in the room of his or her fantasies!

Choose from the attractive HIP ORGNL® collections

At HIP ORGNL® you will find a great selection of stylish designs in every collection. All paintings also have a unique graphic treatment or completely unique design and are made of luxurious, high-quality (premium) material. You won't find them like this anywhere else! Brighten up the children's room, for example, withbeautiful daisies or cheerful fruit designs from the HIP ORGNL® Naturals collection . Or let your child choose an impressive work of art from the HIP ORGNL® Masters collection , which he or she can look at for hours.

Some paintings are very popular for the children's room. The style, theme and appearance then fit nicely with the world of children. But of course every child is different, so nothing is set in stone. So go for something that makes you and your mini-me excited. Do you want to be sure you are in the right place? Then view our top pieces of wall decoration for the nursery above!

Large, small, collage or eye-catcher

In every children's room there is an empty wall somewhere for wall decorations, for example above the play corner, next to the wardrobe or above the bed. You can easily give your own twist to the interior. With a lot of space, one large work of art is always a good idea. The wall decoration then becomes the center of attention. To make it a bit more playful, you can also opt for a collage. It is especially fun to combine different collections and sizes , so that it becomes a cheerful whole. Natural designs, such as animals, trees and flowers, always do well. Get inspired!

This way you achieve a playful and warm style

Your child spends a lot of time in his or her bedroom. Playing, drawing, dreaming, reading: a large part of his or her young life takes place here. That is why it should be a nice place where your child feels safe and where beautiful memories are made. Not only the furniture and color tones, but also the accessories and wall decoration in the nursery have an influence on this. Does your child like to help with everything or does he or she have a clear opinion? Then it is nice to involve him or her in the new style. Together, choose a photo or painting that makes you happy. It's no problem if the style is different from the rest of the house, that's what makes it surprising. You will then work together on a matching mood board . Get various magazines, browse Pinterest and take a look at our inspiration for living styles. After an afternoon of cutting and pasting, you will have a nice guideline for the interior of the nursery.

Select the accessories and wall decoration for the nursery

Then it's time to hunt for new items that reflect the style of the mood board . If the walls are a light color, go all out with colorful wall decorations. Bright, striking colors are often popular with children and they immediately give the room a cheerful appearance. On a busier wallpaper it is better to go for a minimalist or quiet work of art, so that the whole does not become unbalanced. You can also hang a wall line. Your child can also use it to make beautiful drawings and birthday cards. Furthermore, make sure that the accessories are beautiful and functional at the same time. For example, think of a stylish toy basket to tidy everything up in, a nice rug to play on and soft cushions to relax on. Are you unsure whether a particular item fits the new atmosphere and style? Then keep the mood board next to it on your phone. This way, step by step, the place to be for your child is created!

Are you completely ready? Then view all collections in our webshop for even more inspiration. Are you stuck? Please contact us and we will be happy to help you.

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