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Living style: Rural industrial

How do I combine these two styles?

Wall decoration for the living room and styling with accessories

Do you dream of rural living, but do you also have a preference for an industrial style?

Fortunately, you can combine these two styles very nicely. Both living styles are very popular and have their own characteristics. For example, rural is warm and cozy. Industrial is authentic and cool. Although the styles differ a lot, they fit well together in many aspects. Would you like to know more about this exciting combination? Get inspiration about rural and industrial living here and read how you can perfectly bring this style into your interior with the right wall decorations and home accessories.

Rural living style features

The country style is a warm and cozy style. It is spacious and bright with lots of natural light. In addition, the color combination makes extensive use of various earth tones and neutral shades such as white, gray, taupe and brown . In this living style you will see many soft elements, such as fabric lampshades, elegant cushions, linen curtains, faux fur and sheepskin. You also often see weathered materials or detailed finishes. Think of wooden turned chair legs, old ceiling beams, vintage accessories or an old mantelpiece with decorations. It is also furnished with large objects, such as a sideboard with crockery, a large scaffolding wooden table and large mirrors. It can feel like you're living in a farm in the countryside.


Industrial living style features

The industrial style, also sometimes seen as the loft style, has a cool and authentic atmosphere. The basic colors in this atmosphere mainly consist of a darker color palette, such as black, brown tones and gray tones. Sometimes a combination is also made with a deep accent color, such as dark green or blue. In addition, extensive use is made of unprocessed materials such as concrete, wood, steel, leather and even rope . The interior also often has sleek and clear lines. A 'brick wall', an unprocessed brick wall, is also a dream for every industrial enthusiast. Home accessories have neutral colors or are made of sturdy or weathered materials and are usually stored in a shelving unit. Paintings are also placed loosely against the wall, on a wooden plank or as a collage on the wall. It is a clear, exciting and lived-in atmosphere.

The perfect style match

In addition to the contrasts in both styles, there are also many beautiful similarities. Both industrial and rural areas basically have a spatial arrangement with a lot of overview and light. The use of color is not far apart from the neutral, gray and brown tones. There are also similarities in the use of materials, such as wood, textiles and robust or weathered elements. In both styles, bigger statements are made with furniture and home accessories, such as large table lamps , mirrors, tables or cabinets . Industrial and rural are atmospheres where people can live and where authenticity plays an important role.

Make the base nationally industrial

To give your interior the real atmosphere of a rural and industrial interior, it is good to start with the basics. Make it cool, but don't go all the way like an industrial interior. For example, choose a light wooden floor or concrete floor, white walls, black elements and an accent wall. A wooden sliding door or loft door brings both worlds together. This so-called 'barn door' can be seen in farms, but it also has a nice industrial look. A large scaffolding wooden table with steel legs and a weathered farm lamp also fit perfectly with both principles.

Style with wall decorations and accessories

Create coziness in the living room with rural home decorations, such as a light fabric sofa with many decorative cushions, a sheepskin, candlesticks, and a shelving unit with rural tableware. On the wall you can make a beautiful collage of wall circles with old masters , such as The Milkmaid , a flower still life or a Dutch landscape . But you can also choose impressive captured animals such as the Scottish Highlander or a ram . Also choose nice matching cushions with a rural theme or a cool look in matching colors, to create a unity between the sofa and the walls. Have you been inspired yet? Go to our collections and give your interior a makeover!

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