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Scandinavian living style


Scandinavian living style: calm colours, simplicity and a warm atmosphere

Is your motto less is more, but with a light, cozy, also known as 'hygge' appearance?

Then your heart will beat faster because of the Scandinavian living style. This style is characterized by light colors, natural materials and clean lines. This means you immediately feel calm when you come home. But how do you implement this lovely style in your own home? Get inspired about Scandinavian living here and get started right away!

The characteristics of the Scandinavian living style

A Scandinavian interior first and foremost means lots of light. Not only in the form of natural light through large windows, but also through light colors. The base color is usually white, supplemented with other light shades or pastel colors. Consider, for example, a soft yellow wall, gray accessories or pale green curtains that let light through. This creates a fresh, open appearance . You will also see many natural materials, such as wood, reed, wool and animal fur. Clean lines also run like a common thread through this style. Good examples are a rug with a graphic print and a diamond or other geometric shape in the bars of a dining room chair. Simplistic Scandinavian Design exudes functionality and provides a minimalist look. The living style has also been recurring in new variants for years. You now see more and more combinations with industrial, bohemian or Asian accents.


Make the base Scandinavian

You can only really give your interior a Scandinavian atmosphere if you start with the basics. For example, go for a light wooden floor made of beech, birch or ash wood. A wooden wall also fits perfectly with this style. Furthermore, soft colors are the way to go . Your walls and ceilings certainly don't have to be all white: experiment with a soft pink or light blue accent wall, for example. Or give your doors a pastel-colored boost. Not for you? Then incorporate some color into the rest of your interior. How about large houseplants , cozy tree trunk tables or a rug in the shape of a tiger's fur? Make it as light, colorful or minimalist as you want.

These wall decorations suit a Scandinavian interior

Wall decorations also give your interior a Scandinavian look. Need inspiration? Below we have listed the most beautiful ones for you!

Decorate with wall decorations and accessories

That Scandinavian coziness really comes into your home with fine wall decorations and accessories. Think of wicker baskets, wool blankets and animal elements, such as a skull on the wall. But make sure you don't have too many visible accessories, because you will quickly lose that warm look. For example, what fits well with a Scandinavian living style are the paintings from the HIP ORGNL® Fine Art collection and HIP ORGNL® Naturals collection . Think of abstract works of art, paintings with arches, pampas grass and feathers. Animals are also perfect, such as a ram or Scottish Highlander . Do you love mixing and matching? Then immediately add matching cushions !

Have you gotten any good ideas? Go to our collections and give your interior a Scandinavian makeover!

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