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Interior & Living

A gift from HIP ORGNL® is guaranteed to be appreciated!

The best interior and living gift tips

Favorite works of art, but in a unique round shape

Are you looking for a personal gift? Surprise your loved one, brother, sister, father or mother with a favorite work of art for the wall, but in the round! How cool is it to give a masterpiece or iconic portrait? Consider, for example, the famous paintings by Vincent van Gogh, Gustav Klimt, Rembrandt van Rijn or Piet Mondriaan. Or go for an iconic portrait of James Dean, Audrey Hepburn or Marilyn Monroe. Take a look at our different collections . In addition to the most beautiful works, the luxurious (premium) quality of the wall decoration is also truly gift-worthy. The colors are so bright and the finish is beautiful, which is why this material is often used in galleries. The recipient is guaranteed to be impressed!

Discover the best interior and home gift tips, for every interior!

Do you want to surprise someone in an original way on his or her birthday? Or are you looking for something special for the holidays? With a gift from HIP ORGNL® you can make a big gesture on a small budget. Or go all out for an anniversary or a special milestone, for example. We have something suitable for every occasion. We also help you make the best choice. Read on and find the unique and personal gift you are looking for.

Surprise someone special with a special, personal and original gift of the unique brand HIP ORGNL®

A lasting bouquet of flowers, a houseplant or beloved animal

Do you want to play it more safe for a birthday present or Valentine's Day gift, for example? Go for flowers that will never wither! Think of a wall decoration or wall circle with a beautiful flower still life. In the HIP ORGNL® Masters collection you have countless flower paintings by famous old masters. But you will also find flowers in various ways in the HIP ORGNL® Naturals and Fine Art collection , from realistic to abstract. Are you looking for something that suits a more trendy person? Then a wall circle with pampas grass is a cool idea! Do you know the recipient's favorite animal? How about a lion, elephant or Scottish Highlander from the HIP ORGNL® Animals collection . This way you immediately make it personal! Next to flowers HIP ORGNL® also has a completely unique collection of beautiful houseplants . These plants are depicted so realistically that they fit perfectly into a 'green' interior. You also don't have to maintain them. It couldn't be more original!

Unique decorative cushions with which you can make a match

For a smaller gesture or a complementary gift, a decorative cushion from the HIP ORGNL® Cushions collection may be the best choice. First of all, almost everyone likes decorative pillows. You can never have enough of it. Secondly, in our collection you have an extensive selection with various designs, from unique natural designs, fine art and iconic portraits to famous masterpieces. But perhaps even more fun to mention is that all cushions have a unique visual design on both sides. You can style them in two ways ! We also have a matching decorative cushion for almost every wall decoration. With a combination of, for example, a decorative cushion or wall circle you have a completely original gift.

An original gift voucher for your interior

Even if we say so ourselves! Because if you don't know what choice to make, or you know that the recipient would like something from HIP ORGNL®, then the HIP ORGNL® gift card is a guaranteed success. This option is also suitable for every budget. How nice is this gift voucher for a housewarming gift? This way, after the move, he or she can shop on the website at a leisurely pace whenever it suits them and make their own choice. In addition, you do not 'just' give a gift voucher, but a gift card for a webshop with exclusive home decorations from the HIP ORGNL® brand. You won't find works and decorative cushions like this anywhere else!

Don't worry, we make giving extra easy

When choosing a gift, there are often many doubts. Sometimes it becomes
something is given twice, or you want to be sure that the quality is satisfactory.
And will it be on time? At HIP ORGNL® we take away these concerns:

  • Ordered before 4:00 PM on workdays will be delivered the next working day
  • Free returns within 30 days
  • Free Shipping
  • Post-payment possible
  • Premium quality (luxury and sturdy material)
  • Bright and sharp colours
  • Unique visual design
  • Original HIP ORGNL® signature
  • Made with care for you in the Netherlands

In which interior styles do you encounter the highlander?

The Highlander cow can be found in almost any living style, such as modern, classic, bohemian or Scandinavian . But the real leader in this is the combination of rural and industrial. This living style fits seamlessly with the strength and sturdy appearance of the Scottish highlander, but also matches well with its soft, authentic and rural character. If you are a great fan of the rural and industrial living style, then the Scottish Highlander is almost indispensable!

Bring your highlander home

Have you now also fallen in love with the Scottish Highlander? Bring it into your home immediately with a beautiful wall decoration , wall circle , garden poster or decorative cushion from HIP ORGNL® . We have the Highlander in attractive designs. This way you won't find him anywhere else. What are you waiting for? Bring your highlander home !