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Make your hallway a space you want to enter

Wall decoration for your hallway and styling ideas with home accessories

Could the accessories and wall decoration in your hallway use a style makeover?

We will tell you how to create a new or refreshed interior style with impressive paintings and matching accessories. Be inspired by the tips below and experiment. This way your house will soon have a breathtaking business card!

Choose your favorite from the attractive HIP ORGNL® collections

Have you discovered the HIP ORGNL® collections yet? We have the best selection for beautiful wall decoration for the hallway. The works are made of high-quality material and all have a unique graphic treatment or completely unique design. For example, provide a grand entrance with a glamorous design from the HIP ORGNL® Beau Monde collection or an old-fashioned r from the HIP ORGNL® Masters collection . From Marilyn Monroe to an adventurous lion : there is something beautiful for every living style.

In our collections you will find all kinds of wall circles and rectangular works of art that are favorites for the hall. This depends, for example, on the colours, appearance and character of the work. Others may be more suitable for the bedroom or kitchen. But above all, go for the work that makes your heart beat faster , because nowadays anything is possible. View the bestsellers in wall decoration for the hallway above. This way you can be sure that you are in the right place!

From large works of art to collage

The hall is a small space with which you can make a big impact. It is therefore the perfect place to choose one large statement piece that attracts all the attention. If you have a lot of space for wall decoration in the hallway, you can hang some smaller designs around it. For example, create a stylish collage with wild animals or abstract line art . Do you prefer subtle? Then go for a few small wall circles next to each other with gemstones or wood grains from the HIP ORGNL® Naturals collection. Dare to experiment, because the result will be even better!

Hallway inspiration: determine your style and atmosphere

The hallway is the first visible living space in your home, not only for you, but also for your visitors. That makes it your business card with which you naturally want to leave a good first impression. You ensure this with the right accessories, colors, furniture and wall decorations. In a large hall you can go wild with color, while in a smaller hall it works better to keep things a bit calmer. Look for an atmospheric image, design or work of art with the appearance you want to give your hallway. This could be anything, from a picturesque street to an impressive landscape. With this hall inspiration in hand, you can then create a mood board of the living style that suits it, such as classic, rural or Scandinavian. You will find countless ideas in magazines, on Pinterest and in our inspiration for living styles. Based on this you determine the atmosphere and style of your interior.

The design of your hall

Now that you know which direction you want to go, it's time to get matching accessories and wall decorations for your hallway. When you go shopping, make sure you have your mood board on your phone. As soon as you see something stylish, you immediately check whether it is a match. Do you choose a beautiful color contrast or a combination of calm colors? It's completely up to you. You can also play with the home accessories. What looks nice, for example, is a wooden bench with some decorative cushions in an accent color. Don't forget to look for a matching coat rack and mirrors. One or more mirrors make your hall look more spacious. On the other hand, don't go too crazy with accessories, because then the hallway will quickly look messy. Also consider the functionality of furniture. For example, a bench can also function as a storage space for shoes. In any case, try different things to see what works best, because you can always change it again!

Need more hallway inspiration? Look in our webshop . Are you unable to decide which living style suits you best? Contact us and we will be happy to help you with personal advice.

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