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Turn your office into a stylish workspace

Inspiring wall decoration for the office and styling with home accessories

Do you want to create a new look at the office with wall decoration and accessories?

Find out how you can easily give your home business space a fresh atmosphere. Get inspiration with our tips and create a great workplace. In just a few steps you can turn your office into a wonderful workspace.

Choose from the stylish HIP ORGNL® collections

Whatever you want to radiate with your home business, at HIP ORGNL® you will find matching wall decoration for every office. For example, think of an inspiring style icon such as Marilyn Monroe or the New York skyline from the HIP ORGNL® Beau Monde collection . Or go for a cool ram or other adventurous animal from the HIP ORGNL® Animals collection . All works are made of high-quality materials and each design is unique or has a unique graphic treatment. Whatever you choose, everything is stylish, timeless and fits the latest interior trends. Take a look at all collections below.

The style, theme and character of a design make it extra popular in certain spaces. For example, some works are bestsellers for your home office, while others are more popular for living spaces. But don't let this stop you, because anything is possible and allowed . View the masterpieces of wall decoration for the office above. You're in good hands with that anyway!

A large painting or a collage?

Whether you have a beauty salon or practice: in your business premises
There are often large walls in the house. You can do all kinds of things with it to make it an inviting place. For example, create an attractive collage with designs from the HIP ORGNL® Naturals and Plantology collections . Try to keep the combination in balance and make it surprising by mixing appropriate sizes and shapes. You can also hang one large painting . This keeps it calm, while still immediately catching the eye. Make it a place you and your customers will love to come back to!

Tips for office design inspiration

Your home office is the place where you work hard, have a nice chat with customers and come up with new ideas. In that environment it helps to be creative and motivated. Not only the atmosphere and your furniture contribute to this, but also the color tones, accessories and wall decorations. Do you have a few employees? They appreciate being able to discuss this, so be sure to involve them in the process of the style makeover . Look for images that inspire you. A work of art by an old master, a mountain landscape or an atmospheric image of a French bistro: everything is possible. See where the similarities are: which shade or appearance appears more often? Use the image that best represents this as office design inspiration. You then start working on a mood board in which you further define the style. Browse through magazines, Pinterest and our inspiration for interior styles. This gives you the perfect basis to determine the atmosphere and style of your home business space.

Furnishing your office

Then you go on the hunt for items that match the mood board perfectly. It is useful to start with the wall decoration of your office. Inspiring designs provide more motivation and therefore a more productive working environment. Did you know that flashy, abstract motifs stimulate the creative center of the brain? Color contrasts also work well. Accessories are ideal for creating accent shades. This includes not only cushions and plant pots, but also clocks, waste bins and coat racks. All these items help you, for example, to strengthen the branding of your company. Put the mood board on your phone before your shopping trip, so you can see at a glance whether it fits. This is how you achieve the ultimate atmosphere step by step!

Would you like to get more inspiration for your office? Take a look at our webshop .
Do you want a larger quantity of wall decorations and accessories for a larger business premises or office space? View our business orders page or contact us .

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