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Easily add more atmosphere to your outdoor space

Atmospheric wall decoration for your garden and determining the styling

Are you ready for inspiration for a style makeover of your garden with wall decorations and accessories?

We show you how you can easily give your garden a new atmosphere with garden posters and stylish accessories, even if you don't have green fingers. Use the tips below and create a garden you will fall in love with!

The best selection of wall decoration for your garden

In the HIP ORGNL® Garden Dreams collection you will find a great selection of garden posters. They are all made of premium outdoor material and the ink is UV and water resistant, so the bright colors remain beautiful for a long time. The posters come in all shapes and sizes: from tropical beaches to atmospheric shells and from exotic birds to colorful flowers . Some designs are more unique or popular than others, for example because of the colors and appearance. Get some inspiration above with the best selection of wall decorations for the garden!

Do you have a beautiful indoor space in your garden, for example a garden room or garden shed? Then take a look at the wall decorations from the beautiful HIP ORGNL® collections. They match the latest garden trends and are stylish and timeless. Due to the unique graphic design and high-quality material, all paintings are of high quality. For example, go for an old master from the HIP ORGNL® Masters collection or abstract art from the HIP ORGNL® Fine Art collection . Or bring the natural atmosphere of your garden indoors with beautiful works from the HIP ORGNL® Naturals and Plantology collections . Each work is a beautiful showpiece for your wall!

From collage to large design

Whether you have a bare fence in your garden or an empty wall on your balcony or roof terrace: with wall decorations for your garden you can create an attractive picture. Do you have a lot of space? Then a large eye-catcher is a good idea. For example, match it with the colors of your flowers or lounge set. You can also provide a nice color contrast , so that the artwork immediately catches the eye. A collage also works well. For a playful effect you can combine multiple sizes , for example by hanging a large garden poster next to two smaller ones. If you have limited space, you can hang a few smaller works together. Dare to experiment!

This way you can gain inspiration for a new garden style

Balmy summer evenings with your friends, cozy barbecues with your family or relaxing with a drink and a book in your lounge chair: your garden, roof terrace or balcony is a place to enjoy. Not only the plants and the terrace contribute to that relaxing atmosphere, but also your furniture, wall decorations and accessories. For example, you can reflect the style of your living room in the garden through accent colors or create a new style, such as modern or romantic. Is there an atmospheric image or painting that makes you happy? That doesn't necessarily have to be a garden. For example, it could also be a beautiful landscape or work of art. For example, take this image as a basis to create a mood board . Get your garden inspiration from magazines and Pinterest and get ideas with our inspiration for living styles. This way you define your new garden style.

Choose the new accessories and wall decoration for your garden

Then you look for matching accessories and wall decorations for your garden. A useful tip is to put your mood board on your phone, so that you can keep it in the store next to all the beautiful items. This way you can immediately see whether it is a perfect match . In addition to one or more stylish garden posters from the HIP ORGNL® Garden Dreams collection, you can do much more with your fence or wall. Think of beautiful planters, hanging a vertical garden or insect hotel. It is nice if you coordinate them a bit, for example by choosing a natural design as a wall decoration or by using an accent color in the flowers or planters. Other stylish accessories include lanterns, rugs and cushions. They also immediately give your garden a cozy and personal look. In the HIP ORGNL® Cushions collection, for example, you will find beautiful cushions that match the garden posters perfectly. Experiment, because you can always change it again!

Can't wait to get started? Then get immediate inspiration from our webshop .
Do you need help determining the style or atmosphere of your garden? Contact us and we will be happy to help you!

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