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Create an attractive space where you want to work every day

Stylish wall decoration for your office and the right atmosphere

Do you want to stylishly style the accessories and wall decorations in your office?

With beautiful works of art and beautiful accessories you can easily give your home workplace a makeover. On this page we give you tips and inspiration, so that you can start working extra motivated and productive!

Perfect for your home office: the HIP ORGNL® collections

If you are looking for attractive wall decoration for your office, HIP ORGNL® has the best selection of designs for your home office. All works are made of luxurious, premium material and have a unique design or graphic touch . For example, create peace in your working environment with feathers or shells from the HIP ORGNL® Naturals collection . Go for a classic old master from the HIP ORGNL® Masters collection . Or simply bring greenery to your home office with the lush plants from the HIP ORGNL® Plantology collection. But there is much more: view all collections below.

Due to the theme, color tones or appearance, some designs are very popular for the office. Others are more popular for the bedroom or kitchen. But don't let this guide you too much, because in the end it's all about being happy with the atmosphere and style . Do you want to be inspired? Then view the masterpieces in wall decoration for the office above!

A collage of wall circles or large work of art

The wall above or next to your desk calls for a stylish wall circle or rectangular painting. Because there is often a lot of space here, one large design fits well. In that case, go for calm colors so that it does not distract you too much from your work. A mix of several works of art is also possible. Think of a number of old masters next to each other or a combination of several collections . You can also play with different shapes and sizes , such as a square work next to a few wall circles. Be creative, because nowadays anything is allowed and possible!

Get office inspiration with these tips

Your home office is a place where you can work with concentration, motivation and productivity. That is why it is important that this space radiates peace and inspiration. In addition to your desk and chair, the use of color, wall decorations and accessories all influence this. Do you want to be able to clearly separate private and work life? Then choose a slightly different style than the rest of your house, for example warm or classic. For example, start with a work of art or atmospheric image with the look you want to give your home office. You then use this office inspiration to create a mood board of the matching living style, such as minimalist, rural or bohemian. The best places for ideas are Pinterest, interior magazines and our inspiration for living styles. Your mood board is a nice guideline for the interior of your office.

Choose wall designs and accessories

Now you know exactly what style and atmosphere your new interior items should radiate. So time for shopping! Put your mood board on your mobile, so that you can immediately check whether it suits every potential purchase. For example, when decorating the wall of your office, choose the same shades as your desk and chair or a stylish accent color with the wall. Most people work best in a light and quiet environment. This makes minimalist works in calm colors also a good choice, such as those from the HIP ORGNL® Fine Art collection . Or be inspired by old masters during your work, for example Van Gogh and Rembrandt, with a painting from the HIP ORGNL® Masters collection . Do you have a lot of space? Then have a custom worktop made that flows into a bench. You can place a few decorative cushions on top for a cozy atmosphere. Dare to experiment!

Take a look at our webshop for more office inspiration.
Do you want a larger edition of wall decorations and accessories for a larger office space or business premises? View our business orders page or contact us.

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