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Baby room

Create a dream room for your baby

Cute baby room wall decoration and fun styling with home accessories

Are you looking for inspiration for accessories and wall decoration in the baby room?

With our handy tips you can easily create atmosphere in your little one's room. Be inspired and make the nursery a warm welcome to the world!

Choose from the attractive HIP ORGNL® collections

You will find the most beautiful baby room wall decoration at HIP ORGNL®. Each collection consists of the best selection of designs. This way you always make a stylish choice. For example, let your baby enjoy a friendly zebra or cool elephant from the HIP ORGNL® Animals collection . Or change your baby under the minimalist birds or colorful flowers from the HIP ORGNL® Fine Art collection . All artworks are made of premium material and each painting has a unique graphic touch or completely unique design. Take a look at all collections below.

Certain designs work extra well in a baby's room, while others are more popular for the living room or bedroom. This is due, for example, to the theme, the use of color and the character. But this is not a given, because in fact anything is possible and allowed . Check out our bestsellers and best selection of baby room wall decoration above. This way you can be sure you're in the right place!

A large painting or combination of wall circles

You can hang wall circles and rectangular paintings above the bed or chest of drawers. If you make a collage of this, you create a playful atmosphere. It is precisely in these collages that you can combine different sizes and shapes. For example, consider a rectangular work of art with two smaller wall circles next to it. You can also go for one big statement . For example, go for dreamy images , calm earth colors or pastel shades. The Goldfinch, The Songbird and Plum Blossom or Van Gogh's Starry Night from the HIP ORGNL® Masters collection are perfect options for this.

From baby room inspiration to interior style

One of the best things when you are pregnant is styling the baby room. This is where your child will take its first sleeps, take steps and perhaps even see its first smile. All those special moments require an interior that is just as special. The colours, furniture, accessories and wall decorations all contribute to this. Before you dive into all kinds of baby stores, it is important to have a good idea of ​​where you want to go. Choose a photo of a baby room that appeals to you most. Will it be a cool boys' room, cute girls' room or a neutral animal room? It's completely up to you. Then you further define your style by creating a mood board with matching images. You can find these in magazines, on Pinterest and in our inspiration for living styles . Your mood board is the guideline for the atmosphere and style of the baby room.

Choose your baby room wall decoration and accessories

Once your mood board is ready, it is smart to put it on your phone. Keep the image in the store next to the items you like. You can immediately see whether they match your chosen style. Make the baby room cozy with wall decorations. And the big advantage is that the wall decorations from HIP ORGNL® are stylish and usually timeless. This allows them to linger for a very long time. Or you can exchange them in the longer term with other nice wall decorations, because it is not permanently on the wall. For your baby, the world is a whole new place with many impressions. That's why it's nice if you keep things calm. For example, choose a minimalist work in soft colors or flowers in pastel shades. Make sure you hang them securely and high enough so that your little one cannot reach them. You can make the room a little cozier with accessories, for example with cute cuddly toys and soft pillows. A growth chart, nice lights and a coat rack also work well. Be creative and dare to experiment!

Do you want more inspiration? Then go to our webshop .
Are you unsure which interior best suits your baby room? Contact us , we are happy to advise.

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