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Turn your bathroom into an attractive home spa

Fresh wall decoration for your bathroom and to set the mood

Do you want to create a fresh style and atmosphere in your bathroom with wall decoration and accessories?

Below you can read how you can easily use attractive wall circles and beautiful accessories for a makeover. Experiment with our tips and turn the bathroom into your personal home spa!

Go for your favorite from the HIP ORGNL® collections

From wild animals to old masters: at HIP ORGNL® you have great collections with the best designs. They are all stylish, timeless and match the latest living trends. Thanks to the high-quality (premium) material and the unique graphic processing, you can be sure that you are getting quality. All wall decorations are also water-resistant and therefore very suitable for wet areas. For example, take a shower with a view of pampas grass, exotic flamingo feathers or tropical fruit from the HIP ORGNL® Naturals collection . Or take a long bath while enjoying an impressive crowned crane or toucan from the HIP ORGNL® Animals collection . View all collections below for even more inspiration.

Some paintings are extra popular for the bathroom. This is due, for example, to the appearance, the color tones and the theme. Others are more suitable for the bedroom or kitchen. But what matters is that you are happy with it, so dare to do what you like . Want to get some ideas? Check out our top pieces of wall decoration for the bathroom above!

From collage to large design

Whether you have a large or small bathroom: there is always a piece of wall free for a beautiful wall decoration. For example, above the toilet, create a collage of wall circles with impressive landscapes and exotic birds. Are you blessed with a bath? Then the space above is ideal for a large eye-catcher . This way you imagine yourself in a different place during a moment for yourself. A painting with a tropical beach or wavy sea from the HIP ORGNL® Masters collection makes you feel extra relaxed. Let's relax !

Tips to create a new style

You can relax in your bathroom, whether in the morning or in the evening after a hectic working day. It is the place to forget your worries, relax and enjoy. This only works if the environment radiates tranquility. Not only the color tones and furniture ensure this, but also the wall decorations and accessories. It is therefore important to coordinate these. To create one style or unity, it is best to first look for an atmospheric image or work of art that makes you happy. Everything is possible, from a photo of a canal to a painting by Mondrian . Then create a mood board of the matching style, such as botanical, modern or rural. You will find a lot of inspiration in magazines, on Pinterest and in our living styles. This way you have a good basis for the atmosphere and appearance of your bathroom.

Get accessories and wall decoration for your bathroom

Now that you have a clear guideline, the fun part begins: shopping! There are all kinds of options for wall decoration in your bathroom. For example, you can create a stylish color contrast by opting for a light or dark work of art. Or reflect the color tones of your sink and shower in a painting. Lots of colors mixed together or bright colors are usually a bad idea, because they take away from the tranquility. Many accessories also quickly make it too busy. You can solve this by creating storage spaces, such as wall cabinets, wall shelves and baskets in the style of your choice. Helpful tip: put your mood board on your phone and keep it next to each potential purchase. Then you can immediately see whether it matches your desired atmosphere. Dare to experiment, because you can always change it again. With that attitude, your personal wellness will soon become a reality!

For stylish wall decoration for your bathroom, take a look at our webshop . Do you need help determining the style or atmosphere of your interior? Please contact us and we will be happy to help you.

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