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Size & Advice

Easy steps for choosing the right size

Do you not yet know which size or sizes of wall decorations you want to order?

Get quick advice about the sizes and placement of the wall decorations on the wall

Read the guidelines below and, if necessary, follow the additional step-by-step plan to quickly arrive at the right size wall decoration(s). Also view a number of examples with different sizes and read useful tips & tricks to determine the exact size.

Are you hesitating between two sizes? Go bigger!

If you are just in doubt between two sizes, we usually always recommend a larger size . Most wall decorations are returned because they were purchased too small. This is because a wall decoration always looks smaller in reality, due to, among other things, the size of the room and the furniture. Large objects, such as furniture, often make decorations on the wall appear visually smaller. This means that a wall decoration can disappear more quickly. It is also usually nicer to make a slightly bigger statement. A larger wall decoration often provides a nicer effect, while a wall decoration that is too small can completely disappear from the interior. Therefore, if in doubt, go for a size larger!

Sizes of popular combinations of wall circles

Are you going for multiple wall decorations? We have various combinations that are often purchased and that we can usually recommend. For three wall circles together, the best-selling proportions are: 100 cm, 80 cm and 60 cm . Are you going for two wall circles? Then the combination of 100 cm and 80 cm is very popular. With a collage it is nice not to make the differences too great. This way you maintain the balance and the larger work does not drown out the smaller work. If you choose one wall decoration and are unsure between two sizes, we usually recommend one size larger, as indicated earlier. Return to the webshop here if you have already made a choice or scroll further down for the step-by-step plan.

Ø 40", Ø 32" and Ø 24"

Ø 40" and Ø 24"

2 x Ø 32"

2 x Ø 24" cm and 40" x 60"

Ø 40"

Ø 48"

32" x 48"


Determine the exact size of the wall decoration

Are you still unsure about the size? Then follow the step-by-step plan below to determine the exact size. The steps below can be seen as guidelines, for both wall circles and rectangular wall decorations. We give this advice on average for most rooms. However, if you have your own creative interpretation, you are certainly not obliged to follow these steps.

Step 1

Measure the height and width of the wall . Do you have a long wall with several decorations or objects, such as a mirror or television? Then measure up to these objects.

Step 2

If you hang one wall decoration, you can leave at least 15 to 20 cm of space around the wall decoration, so that it hangs freely enough. So 15 cm to the other walls, objects or furniture (television, table, sofa or cupboard).

Step 3

For example, if you have 150 cm of space in width and 200 cm of space in height, with the backrest of your sofa up to 65 cm in height. Then a wall circle of 120 cm usually fits, based on a minimum of 15 cm around (sides) the space of the wall decoration. Do you have 145 cm of space on the wall in width? Then a 120 cm can also look very good. When in doubt, go for a size larger.

Step 4

Do you want to hang several wall decorations or wall circles together? Therefore, leave approximately 15 to 20 cm around the combination/collage and approximately 5 cm space between the wall decorations. This way they hang nicely in balance, without too much or too little space between them.

Step 5

Do you hang the wall decoration(s) above a sofa or dining table? Measure the space between the ceiling and the piece of furniture (table or sofa). Keep the middle of this when hanging (the middle) of the wall decoration or collage.

Step 6

Do you have extra high ceilings? Then hang the wall decoration approximately 15 to 20 cm above the piece of furniture . It is not nice to hang the wall decoration too high, certainly not more towards the ceiling than towards the piece of furniture.

Tips & tricks determining size wall decorations

If you are still trying to decide which wall decorations you want to hang, the following tips & tricks can help you make a choice. Get additional inspiration through magazines, Pinterest or housing programs. Take a good look at how certain combinations are hung and what atmosphere you are going for. For example, a collage fits well with a Scandinavian or modern interior. While in a minimalist or classic interior it might be best to make a bigger statement with one large work. It also helps to cut out circles or rectangles to size with paper (newspaper) or cardboard and hold them against the wall. This way you can visualize it immediately!

Would you like personal advice on sizing the wall decorations? Please contact us without obligation . We will be happy to help you as quickly as possible.

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