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Business ordering

We make every room attractive. That is our expertise.

Wall decorations for business premises, healthcare centers or catering establishments

Do you want to decorate a business space, institution or care center with works of art, such as beautiful wall circles or paintings on the wall?

You can contact HIP ORGNL® for non-binding (interior) advice and a suitable customized quote. We also offer the option to order on account and we can possibly deliver our works in other materials, such as on acoustic panels.

Contact us at or call during opening hours +31 85 – 30 34 318 . We will be happy to help you immediately.

Paintings for your company: go for atmosphere

We believe in atmosphere. Every room deserves a beautiful decoration. Especially when it comes to a meeting room, office or healthcare institution. These are spaces where many people work, live and live. It has been scientifically proven that a pleasant atmosphere has a strong positive influence on, among other things, the productivity and mood of the people in this room. Of course, you want to continue to encourage that.

Make your space recognizable and unforgettable

An attractive space, with beautiful wall decorations , is better remembered and ensures recognisability. This mainly happens with works that evoke memories or leave a strong impression. At the same time, you also convey a certain message. What fits your identity and what do you want to be associated with? Quality, playfulness, elegance or warmth? The power of this effect on people in this room should not be underestimated. And it is precisely in this (atmosphere) provision that our expertise lies .

A quick decoration for all your walls

Workspaces, restaurants or care homes usually consist of larger surfaces. These spaces are often difficult to decorate (quickly) for an accessible budget. With the wall decorations from HIP ORGNL® you can immediately create a suitable atmosphere and create a great effect in the interior. Create a playful collage with various smaller wall decorations or make a statement with an extra large painting. But you can also quickly create an atmosphere for smaller spaces, such as waiting rooms or meeting rooms, with our luxurious wall decorations . We are happy to think along with you and have a super fast delivery time!

Guaranteed stylish, without worries

Do you not know where to start or do you have a very clear vision? We are happy to give a second opinion or help you with your choice. We can also visualize spaces for you, so that you get a good idea of ​​what the result will look like. Our collections are tailored to the most important requirements that determine a stylish painting on the wall . All works are made of high-quality, premium quality and have a unique design or visual appearance. They have various special and characteristic features (our signature), allowing you to hang an exceptionally beautiful work on the wall. You can see that in everything! In addition, it is our expertise to see what is aesthetic, timeless or trendy. Every choice will therefore not only be a good choice, it will provide a wow effect !

Contact us at or call 085 – 30 34 318 during opening hours. We will be happy to help you immediately.