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Living room

Easily give your living room a new, attractive look

Wall decoration for the living room and styling with accessories

Do you have a living room that could use a style makeover?

We show you how you can easily create atmosphere in your interior with wall decorations, such as wall circles, and home accessories. Follow the tips below and get inspired. This way you will soon have a beautiful wall with wall decorations and a living room that you will fall in love with!

Living room wall decorations: HIP ORGNL® collections

At HIP ORGNL® you can choose from several surprising collections with the best selection of wall decorations for your living room. All wall decorations are made of high (premium) quality and have a unique HIP ORGNL® design or graphic touch. Choose from special close-ups of Mother Nature , go for powerful wildlife animals , hang an old master on the wall or be amazed by Artistic Fine Art . Every choice is always a stylish choice.

There are wall decorations that are extra popular for the living room. This is partly due to the theme or the use of color. Some wall decorations and wall circles may be more suitable for the dining room, hall or bedroom. But actually everything is allowed and possible . Go to the masterpieces of wall circles and wall decorations for the living room. Then you can be sure you're in the right place!

A collage with wall circles or large painting

A larger statement often works in the living room, because the wall above the sofa or dining table often offers a lot of space for this. You can opt for one large wall circle, a rectangular painting or a collage of wall circles for the living room. You can also choose to make a mix with other decorations such as wicker bowls, hats, lamps or photo frames. Give free rein to your own creativity and above all try to be daring. Are you completely in love with the industrial living style and the painting The Night Watch or the Milkmaid? Then dare to hang a large work or perhaps two together. That's what makes it surprising and stylish!

The heart of your home

In most homes, the living room, like the kitchen, is the so-called heart of the house. The place where everyone comes together and where there is the most activity. If you stop and think about it, you may realize how much you or your family use this space. The design, such as home accessories and furniture, of your living room has a huge impact on how you experience this living space. It directly affects your mood and state of mind. It is therefore very important to consider the atmosphere in the living room and therefore also the wall decorations on the wall.

The atmosphere and style of your living room

You can opt for a different atmosphere for the living room than for the bedroom, for example. It can be anything: romantic, cool or neutral. Or a combination? Be inspired by, for example, a photo of a French apartment, an old factory or perhaps by a wall decoration such as an old master. As long as the image reflects an atmosphere that makes you happy. Now you can further define the style. Which living style suits your desired atmosphere? Scandinavian, modern or classic? Also create a mood board with magazines or get inspired on Pinterest with words such as 'living room inspiration' or 'living room living style'. Or take a look at our inspiration for living styles. Ultimately, this will become the guideline for determining, among other things, the colors, wall decorations, furniture and home accessories for your living room.

Choose your wall decoration and home accessories

Which wall decorations work best for your living room depends on your style and use of color. First you choose paintings and accessories that match the subject of the atmosphere or style, such as rural, industrial or botanical. It is also important to look carefully at the colors. Which colors do you see in your living room and which colors in your wall decoration? Depending on your wall color, you can opt for suitable basic colors in the painting or for a striking accent color to create more tension. In this way you can also choose your home accessories, such as decorative cushions. A useful tip is to hold your phone with the choices from the webshop next to the wall or your mood board in order to constantly compare the colors. You will automatically see when it is a good match!

Follow the styling process

Rome wasn't built in a day, and that also applies to the styling of your living room. It is a process in which you add, remove or adjust colors step by step. Until you finally arrive at the ultimate atmosphere. Try to dare to do this too. You can always change it again. Consider, for example, a wall complete with wall decorations, a color contrast with a colorful flower painting or painting your ceiling. Every time you change something, take a before & after photo of your living room. This way you can keep track of your process and see exactly when something is an improvement or needs to change.

Would you like personal advice when choosing wall decorations? Please contact us without obligation. We will be happy to help you as quickly as possible.

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