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HIP ORGNL® is the leading brand for wall decorations, wall circles and home accessories. We are from the Netherlands and make original home decorations with character, recognisability and quality. Everything is made in the Netherlands, but we are also internationally oriented.


A unique wow effect


Everything we do and make is different from others. That is why we are unique and distinctive . During each facet of our development process we make certain unique choices. We provide a wow effect in your interior. Some try to look like it, but because of our magical formula, our HIP ORGNL® signature, that is not possible. Discover it yourself!

The Hip Orgnl ®


Every element has been carefully considered; from the photographic elements, the visual design, the premium material to the professional service. But there are so many more special and unique features ! Everything from HIP ORGNL® therefore has an original look that you will not find anywhere else. Much more beautiful than many others and you can see that in everything! You can recognize a real HIP ORGNL® by the unique HIP ORGNL® signature (logo). We love it. Original.

Everything for you


Everyone has a personal taste or (daring) living wishes. We want to discover your style and give you the options to realize this in your interior. To step out of your comfort zone and choose what really makes you happy. We believe that interior styling knows no boundaries. Nowadays everything is possible and allowed, as long as there is a good balance with a basis in character, quality and recognisability. And that's exactly what
we can give you.

Always a stylish choice


We not only follow the living trends, but we also show what the latest trends are, are becoming and set the trend . With HIP ORGNL® you can be sure that you have a contemporary home decoration that fits in with the living trends of now and the near future. Every choice from our collections will therefore always be a stylish choice .

We make your home. Original.