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Discover the most beautiful wall circles for the wall

Beautiful wall circles

Do you want to give your interior a style boost ? Then go for one of the beautiful HIP ORGNL® wall circles. Admire adventurous wild animals from the HIP ORGNL® Animals collection or let Mother Nature come to life in your home with a fantastic statue from the HIP ORGNL® Naturals collection . All wall circles have a unique visual design and are of luxurious quality. This means that the designs look great on the material. Order your favorite before 4 p.m. and you will receive it the next day!

At HIP ORGNL® we have created exclusive collections with only the best works. You will find fantastic designs in these collections. So every choice is a stylish choice . Consider, for example, a rugged Scottish Highlander, flower still life, line art face, close-up of marble or impressive black panther. Do you want to be sure you are in the right place? Then check out our highlights above and order immediately!

Go for your favorite from one of the HIP ORGNL® collections

In addition to the adventurous wild animals and masterpieces, you will find many more beautiful wall decorations and wall circles in our collections. They all have a unique visual interpretation or a completely unique design . In addition, they are of premium quality thanks to the high-quality material . With a HIP ORGNL® wall circle you really hang something beautiful on the wall. Discover all our collections below and find your favorite. Go for it !

With the HIP ORGNL® Animals collection you bring the beautiful animal kingdom into your interior. Whether you prefer a cool tiger, cheerful flamingo or tropical toucan: there is a design from almost every animal family. Do you prefer a calmer image of nature? Then take a look around at the HIP ORGNL® Naturals and Flora collections . You can brighten up your home with minerals, seashells and cacti, among other things.

You will also see natural paintings in the HIP ORGNL® Masters collection , such as classic flowers and landscapes. All old masters are represented, from Vermeer to Van Gogh. Would you like it to be a little more modern? Then take a look at the HIP ORGNL® Fine Art collection , where you will find abstract art and line art, among other things.

If you prefer to dream away with the rich and famous of the 50s and 60s, then the HIP ORGNL® Beau Monde collection is for you. completely to your liking. Cocktail glasses, vintage cars, vintage images of Hollywood and Miami, portraits of Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn... They not only work well as an eye-catcher , but are also perfect to combine with each other.

Wall circles: trendy and timeless at the same time

Wall circles have become increasingly popular in recent years. And that is not without reason, because with this living trend you can go in any direction. From the hall to the kitchen and from the living room to the bathroom: they fit everywhere. They break up the straight lines of the wall, creating a creative and playful effect. It also works well to combine them with other round objects on the wall, such as plates, mirrors and shallow (wicker) baskets. Due to their versatility and popularity, we are sure that they are not only trendy, but also timeless!

Are you unsure about your choice or do you want advice about the wall circles that best suit your interior? Contact us, we are ready to help you!

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