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Living styles overview


A living style consists of various typical features of an interior and provide an aesthetic whole in your living space. The appearance of the furniture and home decoration are decisive. Think of a chair with clean lines or a decorative cushion with a floral motif. Countless living styles have been invented or created all over the world over the years. Each style fits a certain period or culture and various styles appear several times in a 'modern' guise. Some living styles are also more popular than others. Think Scandinavian, Industrial or classic. They can give you good direction for decorating your interior. Discover them all.


Do you dream of rural living, but do you also have a preference for an industrial style? Fortunately...


Scandinavian living style: calm colours, simplicity and a warm atmosphere. Is your motto less is more, but then...

Find the living style that suits you

Do you like it romantic or cool? Do you prefer minimalist or do you like the coziness of lots of decoration? There are so many considerations that determine which living style suits you best. Your living style can also be a mix of elements from multiple styles. Try to figure out what exactly makes your heart beat faster. Are they wooden beams, soft fabrics, gold accents or earth tones? Get as much inspiration as possible and create a mood board , for example. Ultimately you will achieve a beautiful result for your interior!